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Swiss economy: putting on the brakes or in the fast lane?

December 16th, 2010

As Radio DRS recently announced (listen to the podcast here), the Swiss economy has surpassed all growth forecasts. The reason for this is the strong domestic market and the high number of successful medium-sized companies that have a competitive edge thanks to the excellence of what they have to offer. The high level of quality of their products is difficult to find elsewhere. Furthermore, they are important suppliers to large companies.

But according to Radio DRS, there are also some sectors that are currently suffering. These include the tourism and export industries. The blame for this lies mainly with low euro and dollar exchange rates. Unless this „currency crisis” comes to an end in the foreseeable future- and many predict that it won’t- it will become even more difficult for businesses in these industries.

If export and tourism businesses want to succeed, they must- according to economic experts- not focus purely on local markets. A more specialised, more targeted international focus is required.

An innovative medium-sized company that has ventured abroad is the bag manufacturer FREITAG. As reported in, “Marketing & Kommunikation” issue 11/10 (see article), FREITAG is based on Swiss values, fashionable collections as well as sophisticated marketing. In 2010, FREITAG recorded growth of 20-25 percent.

TRANSLATION-PROBST Ltd. has provided translation services for FREITAG for some time. In its texts, the export company uses a lot of wit, whilst retaining grammatical accuracy. The texts are adapted to FREITAG’s target audiences, and they are translated by native speaking translators with expertise in marketing and communications. Translators are supported by computer-based terminology software (SDL MultiTerm), to ensure consistency when translating customers’ texts. However, it is not enough to translate these texts word-for-word. It takes a lot of imagination and background knowledge to translate word play, metaphors and hidden references. TRANSLATION-PROBST Ltd. is pleased to be able to make a contribution to FREITAG’s linguistic identity and export success.

TRANSLATION-PROBST Ltd. had a similar success last year too. The trade magazine Werbewoche commissioned a study to rank and evaluate Swiss advertising campaigns, which also looked at Isostar’s campaign focussing on the Swiss marathon runner, Röthlin. Here TRANSLATION-PROBST Ltd.’s texts won prizes in the categories „Awareness” and „Brand Fit” (see Working Examples).

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