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Profit from last year’s success – with an impressive annual report

January 22nd, 2011

Are you looking back on a successful year? Do you want to let this success speak for your company so you can profit from it for the rest of the year? With an impressive annual report you can do just that. Not for nothing is a company’s annual report often regarded as a business card. It is current for a year and is more sustainable than any other means of communication. Because of this, the language in which it is written is important. If the language is clear, consistent and stylistically appealing, then everyone is impressed – from shareholders to financial analysts, from employees to journalists.

To guarantee this high level of linguistic quality, TRANSLATION-PROBST Ltd. manages your firm’s terminology for free. Our translators and proofreaders make sure that your company’s Corporate Language is broadcast. We ensure that the financial and editorial content is translated in a clear, consistent way that is aimed at the stakeholders in all languages – even with express delivery if required! Your message will be successfully delivered to everyone.

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