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Texts that touch the heart

February 8th, 2011

Do you want to win the hearts of your customers? Whether with a thank you letter or an advertising text, with TRANSLATION-PROBST Ltd.’s texts and translations you’ll touch the heart of your target audience! Your sales will soar- whether before or after Valentine’s Day.

Your level of success in selling your product depends on your texts. But content is only half the battle. The key to more sales lies in how it’s written. The images you create in the mind of the customer with your texts and the emotions that are triggered are what give you success. It’s just like love- music only plays when you say “I love you” with conviction and a heartfelt look in your eyes. But how do images and emotions reach your target audience in another country? They only reach the heart if the translation of your text takes into account the specifics of the language and the preferences of your target group in each country.

So for your message to have its full effect, you have to ask yourself whether your writing is convincing enough. For example, on your website. Our translators are specialised in adapting texts to the target group in the desired language.

Do you want potential customers to find you on Google? Then you must:

– Know which your potential customers search for

– Consistently use these words on your website

TRANSLATION-PROBST Ltd. is the first and only translation company with a free terminology service. We collect keywords that your customers search for, and ensure that they are consistent across all languages. This is a tool for success – because your customers are guaranteed to find you.

But being found is only one side of the coin. The second question is: Do your website visitors become customers? Of course, you assume that your text is understood by potential customers. But it is written in a way that will get your message across and win the heart of your customers? TRANSLATION-PROBST Ltd. is Switzerland’s first online translation company with a quality guarantee. So that your translation has the desired effect on your target group, it goes through a tried and tested quality assurance process. Our certified professional translators are experts in various fields and industries and translate into 30 languages. They follow your communication objectives and take into account the preferences of your target group in every country.

Need a translation company? A marketing translator? An advertising translator? Search on Google! TRANSLATION-PROBST Ltd. has been in the top ranks of Google search results for many months – thanks to our partnership with Worldsites. We know what’s important, and we know what we’re talking and writing about. Read the Best Case article from the journal Marketing+Communication.

The ice has been broken

February 5th, 2011

Blogger Sascha Lobo and Roman Probst at the NZZ-Event on 3.2.2011

The visit to the NZZ launch event at the Dolder Sports ice rink on the Zürichberg was well worth it! NZZ celebrated the launch of their website and portal with numerous visitors and customers from the world of advertising. The highlight was blogger Sascha Lobo: He captivated the communications professionals with his speech about how and why the internet is changing society, what effects we can expect and how businesses, institutions and individuals can govern it. Other attractions for visitors included bars und food stands, as well as a whisky and cigar tent. More sporty visitors could strap on some skates and do a few circuits of the ice rink. NZZ definitely broke the ice with their party.