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March 7th, 2011

The safety awareness film “Date Nina” has been a hot topic in Swiss print and online media these last few days. On its front page, “20 Minuten” ran a report about the Facebook film, which is intended (in an unconventional way) to encourage young drivers to behave more considerately on the roads. “Persönlich,” the online portal for the communications industry, made the film the focal point of its newsletter.

Making the right decisions – with Nina and with translation companies



New times require new approaches. To address the film’s target audience (young men) as directly as possible, RoadCross has produced “Date Nina,” an interactive Facebook film application in collaboration with Ogilvy Interactive. The film is about a date with the beautiful Nina, an internet acquaintance that the main character has never met before. You arrange to meet in a café before driving to meet some friends and heading on to a club. The main character must make the right decision in several situations if he is to win Nina’s affections. The consequences of his behaviour and its effects on the road are experienced directly and in a fun way in “Date Nina.” In the week following its launch, the game was played over 12,000 times and liked 1000 times on Facebook.

“Date Nina” was produced by RoadCross and supported by Switzerland’s Fund for Road Safety (FVS). The application is available in German, French and Italian. The film was translated by TRANSLATION-PROBST Ltd.

Silvan Granig

Silvan Granig

Client is a former employee

TRANSLATION-PROBSTLtd.’s translation of the film into French and Italian was commissioned by Silvan Granig – spokesman for RoadCross. Silvan Granig worked at TRANSLATION-PROBST Ltd. in marketing and communications for several years, firstly as an intern and then – thanks to his excellent communication skills and customer focus – as a permanent employee. In the years that followed, he did a lot to develop the company from a start-up to established translation service provider. Today, TRANSLATION-PROBST Ltd. is one of Switzerland’s top ten largest translation companies.

Recognised quality

Who do you think are the best people to assess the work of a company? The customers? The customers’ customers? Both are correct. However, one thing is certain – a long-standing former employee knows exactly what to expect from a service provider. And for such an important project with such a large media response, you need the best provider of film translation. Obviously Silvan Granig chose the right translation company, as the initial reactions to the film and translation have been excellent.

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  1. March 8th, 2011 at 09:15 | #1

    Nochmals vielen Dank für den mir sehr gut bekannten tollen Service und die ausgezeichnete Qualität der Übersetzungen. TRANSLATION-PROBST – ich weiss warum.

  2. March 8th, 2011 at 12:02 | #2

    Nochmals vielen Dank für den Auftrag und die Online-Blumen. Weiterhin viel Erfolg und bis zur nächsten Übersetzung.

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