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How satisfied are our business customers?

March 23rd, 2011

A satisfied customer base thanks to our free terminology service: Our customer survey confirms this. We are happy to share customer feedback with you – read the full interviews here.

Interview with Beat Baumgartner, Schindler Aufzüge plc

1) How happy are you working with TRANSLATION-PROBST Ltd.?

Everything is going very well. Ms Paglialunga and Ms Marotta are so friendly and they work very efficiently. I particularly like the express service: in an emergency I can receive my text within three hours. I really can’t complain.

2) Why did you choose TRANSLATION-PROBST Ltd. to translate your texts? Does our terminology service have anything to do with your choice?

That’s an interesting question, but no, the terminology service wasn’t actually a reason. A colleague of mine worked with TRANSLATION-PROBST Ltd. for a long time and recommended the company to me. We are very pleased with the level of quality you offer, and this is important to us as we have had problems with quality in the past with several of your competitors. About two years ago we had a series of texts translated by six different companies and then evaluated by two native speakers. TRANSLATION-PROBST Ltd. did very well in this test – the only downside was the price, but now we have arranged a respectable discount.

3) What do you think of our terminology service? Are you happy with it?

We are very satisfied with the service and the results it gives. If I had any complaints, I would let you know.

4) You work for Schindler plc and so you work with technology every day. Why is terminology so important in your industry?

Standardised terminology is essential in technical documents and sales brochures. In journalistic texts for PR and customer magazines, it is less important as readers just need to understand the article, not  struggle with technical terms.

5) Has anything changed for you or your firm since your texts have had consistent terminology?

Yes, we don’t get complaints. TRANSLATION-PROBST Ltd. quickly made a terminology list about lifts and escalators for us, and this list is constantly extended. Since then, everything has been immaculate.

6) With regards to our terminology service, what changes would you like to see in the future?

Maybe it will be possible in future to network with other translation companies with regards to making terminology software, but this is not the case at the moment.

Summary: “Working with TRANSLATION-PROBST Ltd. has been just as we imagined it would be – problem free. Since you have been translating our texts, we have had very few complaints about mistakes or other quality problems – all thanks to your free terminology service.”

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