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Google isn’t always number one

June 28th, 2011

More than 80 percent of all the world’s search engine requests are carried out by industry leader Google. As a certified translation company TRANSLATION-PROBST Ltd. helps over 1500 companies worldwide to attract new customers with accurate texts that are adapted to fit their target groups. Our free terminology service assists in aligning your texts with the language and culture of your customers, and helps your company to appear more frequently on Google searches thanks to personalised company terminology and consistent corporate language.

However, in many key markets such as Russia and China, Google is not the leading search engine. An article in Salzburger Nachrichten shows the countries in which other search engines lead the way. The article was based on an interview with our partner Worldsites.

Crossbow archer wins May’s gold bullion coin at aiciti

June 9th, 2011
Nicole Moor

Nicole Moor

While the dollar has reached a historic low, the price of gold is steadily rising – which makes Nicole Moor twice as lucky for winning May’s Swiss gold bullion coin. „I fired the crossbow at TRANSLATION-PROBST Ltd.’s stand at aiciti, became a fan of Professor Tell on Facebook and am really happy that I won the gold bullion coin,” said the journalism student. „The crossbow was quite difficult to handle, but firing it with Professor Tell was a fun experience,” Nicole Moor recalls. The 21-year-old plans on displaying the gold bullion coin proudly in her room and will ask an artist friend if she would like to make a frame for it. „That way all of my guests will see the gold coin and I can tell them all about TRANSLATION-PROBST Ltd.’s golden history.”

Would you like to win June’s gold coin?

Because accurate translations and texts are worth their weight in gold, Professor Tell is giving away a Swiss gold bullion coin every month.

Visit Professor Tell’s Facebook page now and become a fan. Or have a go at the online crossbow competition. Professor Tell gives away a Swiss gold bullion coin every month to one participating fan.