New brand for Zurich

July 14th, 2011

With “Zürich – World Class. Swiss Made.” as a brand, the canton of Zurich, the city of Zurich and Zürich Tourism want to strengthen the profile and image of Zurich both in Switzerland and internationally. The goal is to use a consolidated image to increase tourist demand, attract more businesses and jobs and strengthen the economy in the region.

Committed to the highest quality and to Switzerland

The new logo and the new slogan “Zürich – World Class. Swiss Made.” highlight the elements that distinguish Zürich in all areas – a commitment to the highest standards, to Swiss quality and to reliability.

Corporate language as a marketing engine!

“When the various bodies speak the same language, we are much more effective and persuasive,” explains government councillor Stocker. “After many years, we now have a consolidated, harmonised Zurich brand, which will be a powerful marketing engine for the entire canton of Zurich.”

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