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July winner to give gold coin to goddaughter

August 10th, 2011
Markus Röösli

Markus Röösli

Markus Röösli, winner of July’s gold bullion coin from our very own Professor Tell, once had a beard very much like Tell’s and had also already shot with a crossbow. “My father had a miniature crossbow at home. He would let us shoot with it every once in a while,” the online editor from Zurich said. Markus happened upon Professor Tell by chance while searching for contests online and in social networks. “I studied at the same university as TRANSLATION-PROBST Ltd. CEO Roman Probst so I knew of TRANSLATION-PROBST Ltd. and was a Facebook fan of Professor Tell.” Becoming a fan has really paid off for him, and Markus already knows what he is going to do with his gold coin. “When I was a child, I was given a gold coin by my godfather. That’s why I now want to give my prize to my goddaughter.”

If Markus wants to, he can thank Professor Tell in person in the near future by visiting TRANSLATION-PROBST Ltd.’s stand at SuisseEMEX’11. “Thanks to free tickets from TRANSLATION-PROBST Ltd., I can even do it for free,” the happy winner laughed.

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