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Google invents a mouth for machines

October 28th, 2011

This week, Google announced that its Android smartphones can now interpret simultaneously between 14 languages via Google Translate. For some, this may seem like a true blessing because there is usually no time to consult a dictionary during a conversation. But can a machine really replace a professionally trained interpreter? TRANSLATION-PROBST Ltd.’s answer would be, “Certainly not!” Language – and spoken language in particular – is far too complex. Furthermore, languages are alive; they grow and change and are constantly undergoing transformations. A machine is not capable of transferring all the subtle nuances of one language into another. For this reason, TRANSLATION-PROBST Ltd. offers you the services of professionally trained interpreters only, who have all received their training at a technical university.

Why choose us?

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Our interpreting services fulfil the highest quality standards to ensure that your event will be a success.

The latest from SDL at the branch meeting in Zurich

October 24th, 2011

The SDL branch meeting for language technology was a cause for celebration for all users of SDL products. A delegation from the Language Technologies department travelled to Zurich to present the latest products from SDL. A special emphasis was placed on Trados Studio 2011, which has been thoroughly updated and is much more flexible than Trados Studio 2009. Thanks to a premium contract with SDL, TRANSLATION-PROBST Ltd. will soon be switching over to Trados Studio 2011 and MultiTerm 2011, which was also introduced at the meeting.

SDL OpenExchange, which was surprisingly unfamiliar to most of the participants, was also presented. OpenExchange offers users freeware – developed exclusively by SDL users – that adds very useful features to their SDL products. A further highlight was the presentation of Studio GroupShare. This software enables many translators and correctors to participate simultaneously in the translation process in a very straightforward manner.

SDL was not satisfied with all of these product-related highlights alone. Guests were also treated to the best cuisine that Hotel Zürichberg had to offer, coupled with a gorgeous view over the city and Lake Zurich. It was a very successful day in every way – thanks to SDL.

Consistent company terminology

Thanks to SDL Trados and MultiTerm, our terminology department can quickly and affordably harmonise your company terminology and use it efficiently in texts and translations.

This is why TRANSLATION-PROBST Ltd. has belonged to the five Top Swiss Language Provider Partners of SDL Trados and MultiTerm since January 2010.

Gold-coin winner observer of price of gold for years

October 12th, 2011

Tamara Staubli has been observing the price of gold for years because her father-in-law always receives gold bullion coins. „However, they were stolen from him last year,” Staubli said. All the more reason for her to rejoice at winning the September gold coin from Professor Tell. The administrative clerk and mother of two happened upon TRANSLATION-PROBST Ltd. by chance. „I have relatives in America and was looking for an online dictionary. I found TRANSLATION-PROBST Ltd. and became a Facebook fan of Professor Tell,” Staubli recalled.

She plans to save the gold bullion coin. „It will be a nest egg for our two daughters,” the happy winner declared.

Translating certificates – learning from the experts

October 7th, 2011

The Institute of Translation and Interpreting at the Winterthur School of Applied Linguistics joined forces with the Swiss Association of Translations, Terminologists and Interpreters (ASTTI) to organise a professional development course on translating certificates, for translators working in any combination of languages. Course participants practised key skills in relevant areas in a hands-on fashion, to learn how to translate certificates professionally. Qualified legal experts gave their input on specialist areas, while experienced translators led interactive workshops to teach the essentials of research and usage, and participants got to know the characteristic problems in this particular translation area.

At a time when migration is increasing worldwide, the translation of certificates, qualifications and other professional documentation is become ever more important. TRANSLATION-PROBST Ltd. is well aware of this trend, which is why we were also represented on the course, allowing us to pass on the insights we gained in professional translation of certificates to our network of experienced professional translators. Thus we continue to offer our clients guaranteed reliable and accurate translations of their certificates.

A recognised and highly secure service

TRANSLATION-PROBST Ltd. is recognised by Swiss notaries and registered with several embassies as an official translation agency.

All of TRANSLATION-PROBST Ltd.’s data transfer meets the same exacting security standards as online bank transactions.