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Translating certificates – learning from the experts

October 7th, 2011

The Institute of Translation and Interpreting at the Winterthur School of Applied Linguistics joined forces with the Swiss Association of Translations, Terminologists and Interpreters (ASTTI) to organise a professional development course on translating certificates, for translators working in any combination of languages. Course participants practised key skills in relevant areas in a hands-on fashion, to learn how to translate certificates professionally. Qualified legal experts gave their input on specialist areas, while experienced translators led interactive workshops to teach the essentials of research and usage, and participants got to know the characteristic problems in this particular translation area.

At a time when migration is increasing worldwide, the translation of certificates, qualifications and other professional documentation is become ever more important. TRANSLATION-PROBST Ltd. is well aware of this trend, which is why we were also represented on the course, allowing us to pass on the insights we gained in professional translation of certificates to our network of experienced professional translators. Thus we continue to offer our clients guaranteed reliable and accurate translations of their certificates.

A recognised and highly secure service

TRANSLATION-PROBST Ltd. is recognised by Swiss notaries and registered with several embassies as an official translation agency.

All of TRANSLATION-PROBST Ltd.’s data transfer meets the same exacting security standards as online bank transactions.

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