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Gold bullion coin winner June 2012: A golden godfather gift

August 14th, 2012

The coupon may have already expired, but it did make me curious,” is how Mr Nikoloski described his first contact with TRANSLATION-PROBST Ltd.

The coupon for CHF 100 that Mr Nikoloski was referring to had been received by one of his work colleagues at the TRANSLATION-PROBST Ltd. booth at the 2012 Swiss Online Marketing (SOM) trade fair. When a text needed to be translated in Mr Nikoloski’s department months later, he remembered the golden coupon. Although the expiry date of the coupon was already past, Mr Nikoloski still decided to place his translation order with TRANSLATION-PROBST Ltd. And that has now paid off for him in two ways!

“It’s usually impossible to foresee exactly when we will need translations done in our company. When we do have to have legal documents edited or translated, however, we require impeccable quality and fast delivery times.” Finding TRANSLATION-PROBST Ltd., the first Swiss translation company with a quality guarantee, was a golden opportunity for Mr Nikoloski, because every text is proofread by a secondary professor/lecturer to ensure its accuracy, and if you are really in a rush, we can deliver your text within three hours.

Of course, he never expected to win a gold bullion coin when he filled in the customer survey. Mr Nikoloski had actually never won anything before in his life. “At least, not without having to do something challenging in exchange for it,” he laughed.

Mr Nikoloski will keep his gold bullion coin for now. However, if he becomes a godfather any time soon, he will already have the perfect gift for his godchild.