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TRANSLATION-PROBST Ltd. soon to be international?

October 22nd, 2013

pwc_symbolbildRoman Probst and his team are looking forward to the 24th of October 2013 with great excitement. That is the date when the prestigious PwC Accelerator’s “Local to Global” Expo presentation is taking place in Luxembourg with 20 selected companies invited to participate. And TRANSLATION-PROBST Ltd. is one of them.

For certain business owners, this is the fulfilment of a dream – the chance to present oneself to international partners, customers, and perhaps investors as well. Thanks to an aspiring team, TRANSLATION-PROBST Ltd. is ambitious and qualified enough to expand globally as well. Its double-digit average annual growth figures over the past five years bear witness to this fact.

On 24 October, Roman Probst and his team will have three minutes in which to convince the high-profile audience in Luxembourg that their company has the potential to grow globally and is thus an attractive choice for investors and cooperation partners.

Find out why TRANSLATION-PROBST Ltd. was chosen to participate in this event in the current press review.