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Word of the Week: “integration”

November 23rd, 2015

Some are calling it the largest refugee crisis since the civil war in Rwanda 20 years ago. Others are going so far as to compare it to the Second World War. The fact is, as the latest events in Paris also show, our world is in upheaval. Extremely large numbers of people are fleeing conflict and so the topic of integration is being raised over and over again. We asked four of our employees from other countries for their thoughts on the matter.

The dictionary is full of definitions, such as “the act of combining into an integral whole”, “consolidating two or more things” and “integrating a racial or other ethnic group”. But how do you as a stranger gain access to a larger existing group, and how do you learn the different cultural and social codes?

Verena, Floriane, Pascal und Julia (im Uhrzeigersinn)

Verena, Floriane, Pascal und Julia

Emigrating for love
Our employees Julia (Germany), Floriane (France), Verena (Germany) and our comic illustrator Pascal (France) all have something in common: They left their job, their circle of friends and their entire life in their native country, upped sticks and moved to Switzerland for love. All four of them chose a similar strategy for integrating in Switzerland.

Integration thanks to working and making friends
Meeting locals and finding a job sums up their recipe for success. Pascal commented: “I wanted to integrate no matter what it cost and so I took on any job, whether it was well paid or not.” Julia also believes that working is positive for integration. “The team at TRANSLATION-PROBST Ltd. makes it easy to feel you belong.” Thanks to her Swiss boyfriend, Verena was able to meet Swiss people quickly, and Floriane made friends during her studies and, thanks to her young son, met other parents, first in his day nursery and then at school. It all sounds easy in theory, but putting it into practice is what counts.

Polite and helpful but reserved
Often newcomers face not only language barriers but also cultural differences. Julia described a communication problem: “Swiss people in general are politer and less direct than Germans. I have to be very sensitive and tactful so that I also understand what is expressed indirectly and do not offend anyone with my directness.” In Floriane’s opinion, the Swiss are much more reserved than the French: “For example, it was difficult for us to find out how we should treat our neighbours without alienating them.” Verena finds that older people in particular are not very open: “I still have problems with older Swiss people because they are often very conservative and narrow-minded and not exactly open to foreigners.” Pascal addressed another topic: orderliness.

The Swiss and their fixation with order
Every single one of the employees agreed that Switzerland is very clean, neat and orderly. Pascal is fascinated by how all of the vehicles near Lake Zurich are parked precisely in their spots in a parking garage. “All of the vehicles are pointing in the same direction in the parking garage. That is crazy and unbelievable for a Parisian.” Verena marvels at the Swiss mania for cleanliness: “I find many Swiss a bit fussy and very clean as a rule.” Julia has the same impression: “The country appears idyllic, orderly and clean, and everything is very efficient here.” Floriane likes it that everything is so orderly in Switzerland: “At the beginning, I was surprised by how many rules there were and that everyone obeyed them. In the meantime, I have come to appreciate this aspect of Switzerland.”

The language, the orderliness, the Swiss mentality – these are all things that you have to get to know and understand before you can integrate fully. The same applies to translations. Only those who are very familiar with the culture of a target country or audience can deliver an accurate translation. For this reason, TRANSLATION-PROBST Ltd. employs only native-language translators who are acquainted with the cultural nuances of the target audience.

Finally, our interviewees offered a few more tips for successful integration:

Pascal: “You have to be punctual in Switzerland!”

Julia: “For me, integration is a feeling. You need to try to create a social network so that you gain a sense of belonging.”

Verena: “The key is language, no matter what. You don’t have to speak Swiss German but you have to be able to make yourself understood.”

Floriane: “Meet people from different social settings, don’t give up and be patient.”

Website texts & multilingual websites: the right tone closes the deal and makes for persuasive copy

October 26th, 2012

Successful websites capture audiences with effective texts. Presenting information in such a way that the tone and style suit the target group is not an easy task.

The cutting-edge interview with wifimaku founder Jörg Eugster provides insight into the specialist knowledge of Roman Probst with regard to copywriting for the web. Find out how to optimise your own website with texts tailored to your target group. Roman Probst reveals how not only your website texts but also your translations can achieve the desired impact in his specialist article Sprachstil und Mehrsprachigkeit im Internet (Language style and multilingualism on the Internet) on

Other marketing experts also have their say and reveal their specialist knowledge on Wikimafu is constantly updated, available in various different formats and active on all social media channels – providing genuine added value for everyone who is interested in marketing!

Roman Probst’s presentation: TRANSLATION-PROBST Ltd. as a best-practice example for terminology and corporate language

February 28th, 2012

SDL, the world’s leading software company in the area of translation and terminology management, is coming to Basel on March 16 with a best-practice roadshow for translation agencies. This time the focus will be on sharing the importance of corporate language/terminology with Swiss translation services providers. In addition to this, the question of how terminology can be implemented practically will also be addressed.

TRANSLATION-PROBST Ltd. has made a name for itself by being the first and as of yet only translation company to offer a free terminology service to its core customers. Our reputation is such that our LSP partner, SDL, has invited Roman Probst, CEO of our company, to attend the roadshow as a best-practice speaker. On 16 March 2012, Roman Probst will give a presentation there on the topic of “The importance of terminology in the context of corporate language”. He will demonstrate how uniform and consistent terminology produces significant added value, and how the creation of terminology databases is handled at TRANSLATION-PROBST Ltd.

Terminology is a key component of corporate identity, which is strengthened immensely by the use of uniform terminology. Another benefit is the increased degree of recognition among customers that a company experiences thanks to consistent corporate language. This also helps a company differentiate itself from the competition. Furthermore, because the need for specialised translations and the number of target languages are continually growing, uniform terminology is indispensable and ultimately invaluable. To meet these demands, TRANSLATION-PROBST Ltd. offers a comprehensive terminology service – and it’s even free for our core customers.

Are you a translator or do you work in a translation agency? Register for the roadshow now.

Learn more  about terminology and corporate language here.

How satisfied are our customers? The results of our customer survey have now been analysed:

January 14th, 2012

Raiffeisen, Adecco, Schindler, Zürich Tourism and 100 other corporate clients have evaluated the services of TRANSLATION-PROBST Ltd. Read on to find out why our translation service achieved an average rating of 5.15 out of 6 and which criteria were used to assess our translations, texts and other services.

In the survey, we asked our corporate customers how satisfied they were with the quality of our translations, texts and services. The participants evaluated content, accuracy, tone, terminology and style as well as target-group conformity and customer friendliness. Over a period of several months, the services of our translation company were evaluated using a rating system from 1 (very poor) to 6 (very good). TRANSLATION-PROBST Ltd. achieved an excellent average rating of 5.15 in the customer survey – which was especially gratifying, as whose feedback is more honest and valuable than that of the customer?

Quality and reliability

Figures alone are not enough, however. Because comments from our customers are also important, there was room for both rating of and comments on the services provided by our translation company. Most of the companies surveyed agree that we always convey the right tone. Some wish, nevertheless, that the translations would stay closer to the source text, while others would appreciate freer translations. In order to comply with these specific requests, we now provide you with the possibility of expressing your wishes regarding your translation by telephone or by completing the „Briefing form” in the case of online orders. This will allow us to ensure that the translation communicates precisely what you want and also that we convey the right tone and style to achieve maximum impact on your target group. Our customers are satisfied with more than just the quality of our services, however. According to our survey, our reliability is also rated particularly highly.

Additional areas that were surveyed included why companies turn to us to have their texts translated and how they hear about our translation services. The feedback revealed two trends. The majority of our customers chose our translation company as the result of recommendations from existing customers, while others heard about our translation services at SuisseEMEX or the Swiss Online Marketing trade fair in Zurich.

Are you also looking for the right translation partner?

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On your marks, get set, go!

January 3rd, 2012
Usain Bolt

Usain Bolt

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