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SuisseEMEX’13: Our 8th appearance at SuisseEMEX’13 was a complete success

August 23rd, 2013

Our 8th appearance at SuisseEMEX’13 was a complete success. This year, in addition to our inside booth in Hall 4, we also had an outside coffee booth right in front of the entrance.

We were able to welcome visitors to the fair with a fragrant cup of coffee or a refreshing iced coffee. We handed out around 600 coffees and 700 iced coffees in total and also gave out 100 croissants at the #CoffMe with Roman Probst. During this event, interested visitors could ask our CEO questions on the topic of “Accurate translations and texts”.

We also achieved very positive results with our inside booth. With our golden hats and the presence of Professor Tell as our ambassador for quality and Swissness, fair visitors recognised us from a long way off. We had many interesting conversations and made numerous new contacts. During the popular crossbow shooting with Professor Tell, visitors attempted to take over their target markets. Whoever scored a direct hit on the capital city of their target country was awarded with a gold bullion coin. There were a total of seven happy winners throughout the three days of the fair.

Apart from our two fair booths, we also took part with a presentation in the Online Forum. Roman Probst spoke on the topic of “How texts should be written in order to achieve a high ranking in Google searches and win over potential customers”. We were naturally very pleased that his talk was well attended and every seat was taken.

Impressions from the three successful days:

EMEX13 Team Messe

SuisseEMEX13 Referat Roman Probst


Messestand Team EMEX13

TRANSLATION-PROBST Ltd. will charm your customers with stimulating texts

February 10th, 2012

Valentine’s Day – What better occasion for surprising your customers with a charming thank-you letter? TRANSLATION-PROBST Ltd. is more than happy to help you.

Your customers deserve your utmost affection, since they are really at the heart of your successful business endeavours. We are happy to help you find the right words to express your feelings. Whether it’s in the form of a short advertising text or a passionate letter, our copywriters will compose the perfect message for you. Or have you already written your own text, but it just needs that extra added touch? We will edit your text and enhance your declaration of love so that not only your customers but also your profit margin will be delighted!

Valentine’s Day – A celebration of love. Romantic love letters in Norwegian, English or Chinese required? Let our professional translators help your message capture the hearts of your customers in other countries as well! The right words create indescribable feelings, so your customers won’t soon forget a sincere thank-you note written just for them.

Book the most eloquent copywriter or translator now!

February 10th, 2012
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Carmen hits the bull’s-eye and wins gold in November

December 2nd, 2011

Carmen Schafroth

She had never shot with a crossbow before but she hit the bull’s-eye nevertheless in the contest. Ms. Carmen Schafroth from Balsthal in Solothurn is the happy winner of the gold bullion coin in November. The mother-of-two enjoys surfing the internet and chanced upon the Facebook page of Professor Tell.

„Of course, I’m really happy that I won the gold coin! I received two gold coins from my grandmother for my confirmation,” the part-time employee recalled. However, these were stolen from her, which is why she does not plan on keeping her new gold coin with her jewellery – she will display it in the living room. Although Carmen is not actively following the price of gold, she knows exactly how much her golden win is worth.

Efficient and cost-effective further training thanks to webinars

November 25th, 2011

Interactive seminars via the internet – known as ‘webinars’ – are on the rise. TRANSLATION-PROBST Ltd. recognised this trend two years ago and has been taking advantage of its benefits ever since. A webinar enables interactions between lecturer and audience and thus offers a cost-effective and efficient opportunity for participants to expand their know-how in a specific area. Because webinars take place online, long travel times are also avoided. Registering with a mouse click is extremely easy. The role of webinars in professional and in-house further training will only increase in significance in the future.

Always up-to-date

The employees at TRANSLATION-PROBST Ltd. participate in webinars on the topic of translation, e.g. about Trados or MultiTerm. This allows us to ensure that our team is constantly updating its expertise. Improved know-how leads to improved efficiency of work processes and ultimately to the high quality of our finished products.

The latest from SDL at the branch meeting in Zurich

October 24th, 2011

The SDL branch meeting for language technology was a cause for celebration for all users of SDL products. A delegation from the Language Technologies department travelled to Zurich to present the latest products from SDL. A special emphasis was placed on Trados Studio 2011, which has been thoroughly updated and is much more flexible than Trados Studio 2009. Thanks to a premium contract with SDL, TRANSLATION-PROBST Ltd. will soon be switching over to Trados Studio 2011 and MultiTerm 2011, which was also introduced at the meeting.

SDL OpenExchange, which was surprisingly unfamiliar to most of the participants, was also presented. OpenExchange offers users freeware – developed exclusively by SDL users – that adds very useful features to their SDL products. A further highlight was the presentation of Studio GroupShare. This software enables many translators and correctors to participate simultaneously in the translation process in a very straightforward manner.

SDL was not satisfied with all of these product-related highlights alone. Guests were also treated to the best cuisine that Hotel Zürichberg had to offer, coupled with a gorgeous view over the city and Lake Zurich. It was a very successful day in every way – thanks to SDL.

Consistent company terminology

Thanks to SDL Trados and MultiTerm, our terminology department can quickly and affordably harmonise your company terminology and use it efficiently in texts and translations.

This is why TRANSLATION-PROBST Ltd. has belonged to the five Top Swiss Language Provider Partners of SDL Trados and MultiTerm since January 2010.