Website translated into 14 languages – just like the Canton of Zug’s communication

One canton, 14 languages The Canton of Zug is the first public authority to communicate with its residents and tourists in far more than just the official languages of Switzerland, offering Chinese, Arabic, Croatian and many more. The canton’s website thus makes a significant contribution to integration. With this campaign, the Canton of Zug has taken a pioneering step in Switzerland.

Dr. Marc Höchli, Kommunikationsbeauftragter des RegierungsratesNew residents, tourists and companies: Everyone enjoys easy and open communication in the Canton of Zug. The communication official for the cantonal government, Dr. Marc Höchli, received overwhelmingly positive feedback when the Zug website was put on-line in 14 languages. The associated staffing and financial costs have been kept within reasonable limits.

If you would like to learn more about this Swiss pilot project, you can read the complete article including the interview with Dr. Marc Höchli. You can also find out what it costs to create a website in 14 languages and which cultural issues need to be taken into consideration.

Das Altstadt, das Wahrzeichen von Zug

Improved customer evaluations. Two more awards. A 30% increase in turnover.

With a 30% increase in turnover, even better customer evaluations and two more awards, TRANSLATION-PROBST Ltd. was no stranger to success in 2013, either. The year in review.

Despite the difficult economic conditions of the past years, TRANSLATION-PROBST Ltd. managed to increase its turnover by a further 30% in 2013 – not least due to investments in the area of employee development and quality improvement.

Our customers gave us a grade of 5.65

Translation Probst Team

At TRANSLATION-PROBST Ltd., every customer can complete a systematic evaluation for each text they receive. In order to ensure that as many customers as possible fill out the evaluations, we hold regular draws for the participants in which we give away a gold bullion coin – very fitting for our motto “Accurate texts are worth their weight in gold”. Read what the lucky winners have to say about their unexpected golden bounty here.

In 2012, the average grade given in the customer evaluations was already a respectable 5.6 (6 = very good). In 2013, we were able to raise the grade average once again, to 5.65, due to a very high level of customer satisfaction. A total of over 500 customers graded the content, style, tone, terminology and target-group adaptation of our texts and translations.

More awards and honours

After we became the only translation company in Switzerland to be recognised by the Swiss Confederation’s Commission for Technology and Innovation in 2012, we were the happy recipients of additional awards and honours in 2013, and:

  • In April 2013, we won second place in the Stellenschafferpreis competition sponsored by Location Promotion Winterthur.
  • In November 2013, we achieved a top-ten placing at the prestigious PwC Accelerator’s “Local to Global” Expo in Luxembourg from a select field of 20 international, rapidly growing companies.

Next year, TRANSLATION-PROBST Ltd. will already be celebrating its tenth anniversary. Save the date now – Thursday 16th April 2015 – so you can look forward to what we have planned.

The outlook for 2014

We will do whatever it takes to ensure that our high grade average keeps rising. Our goal is to have a grade average of over 5.7 in 2014.
The first priority is the continued staff development of our valued, committed and expert employees, whom we must thank for our growth of over 30% in 2013.
Another top priority is investment in our technology, in particular in CRM, for which we have received multiple awards during the past years. Our company will have a high six-figure amount at its disposal as an investment budget in 2014.
In addition to increased investments in staffing and technology, which are the true drivers of customer satisfaction, our strategic corporate management will be expanded further: Dr. Rolf Specht, professor at ETH Zurich (Psychology and Theology), is adding his strengths to the company as of 1st January 2014 in the role of president of the board.

I would like to thank all of our customers, partners and members of the media for the tremendous cooperation we enjoyed in 2013 and wish everyone a successful start to 2014.

Roman Probst
MIT Degree in Communications FH
CEO and board member

TRANSLATION-PROBST Ltd. soon to be international?

pwc_symbolbildRoman Probst and his team are looking forward to the 24th of October 2013 with great excitement. That is the date when the prestigious PwC Accelerator’s “Local to Global” Expo presentation is taking place in Luxembourg with 20 selected companies invited to participate. And TRANSLATION-PROBST Ltd. is one of them.

For certain business owners, this is the fulfilment of a dream – the chance to present oneself to international partners, customers, and perhaps investors as well. Thanks to an aspiring team, TRANSLATION-PROBST Ltd. is ambitious and qualified enough to expand globally as well. Its double-digit average annual growth figures over the past five years bear witness to this fact.

On 24 October, Roman Probst and his team will have three minutes in which to convince the high-profile audience in Luxembourg that their company has the potential to grow globally and is thus an attractive choice for investors and cooperation partners.

Find out why TRANSLATION-PROBST Ltd. was chosen to participate in this event in the current press review.

Translating annual reports: The business card of your company

tippenA company’s annual report is one of the most important information sources for shareholders, clients and business partners. Professional translations are essential to success in order to guarantee the trustworthiness and reputation of a company among its foreign-speaking target audience as well.

Of course, it is particularly important that the translators one uses are not only language professionals but also intimately familiar with the finance market. Technical terms from the financial sector must be translated correctly and specialised content must be comprehensible. When it comes to the style and formal layout of an annual report, different conventions need to be followed depending on the culture and language. For this reason, translations of this type should only be done by mother-tongue specialist translators who are also well versed in the language and culture of your target group.

In addition to everything else, consistent terminology and uniform wording also play a central role. Practically speaking, this means that technical terms and typical phrases as well as corporate language must always be translated identically. To ensure this, translators consult glossaries and terminology lists that have been meticulously created beforehand and contain the key specialised terms. In addition, many translators and translation companies already work with the latest translation software, which facilitates the uniform translation of corporate language.

An annual report must also be absolutely correct orthographically and grammatically, because any errors it contained would ruin its effect as the “business card” of your company. “Two heads are better than one” applies here as well: As a business person, it makes more than good sense to ensure that the translation of your annual report is proofread once again by an expert.

Investing in professional translations for your annual report pays off in every way! It is the only way to reach your target audience directly and make sure your message hits the bull’s eye.

SuisseEMEX’13: Our 8th appearance at SuisseEMEX’13 was a complete success

Our 8th appearance at SuisseEMEX’13 was a complete success. This year, in addition to our inside booth in Hall 4, we also had an outside coffee booth right in front of the entrance.

We were able to welcome visitors to the fair with a fragrant cup of coffee or a refreshing iced coffee. We handed out around 600 coffees and 700 iced coffees in total and also gave out 100 croissants at the #CoffMe with Roman Probst. During this event, interested visitors could ask our CEO questions on the topic of “Accurate translations and texts”.

We also achieved very positive results with our inside booth. With our golden hats and the presence of Professor Tell as our ambassador for quality and Swissness, fair visitors recognised us from a long way off. We had many interesting conversations and made numerous new contacts. During the popular crossbow shooting with Professor Tell, visitors attempted to take over their target markets. Whoever scored a direct hit on the capital city of their target country was awarded with a gold bullion coin. There were a total of seven happy winners throughout the three days of the fair.

Apart from our two fair booths, we also took part with a presentation in the Online Forum. Roman Probst spoke on the topic of “How texts should be written in order to achieve a high ranking in Google searches and win over potential customers”. We were naturally very pleased that his talk was well attended and every seat was taken.

Impressions from the three successful days:

EMEX13 Team Messe

SuisseEMEX13 Referat Roman Probst


Messestand Team EMEX13