Gold bullion coin winner June 2012: A golden godfather gift

The coupon may have already expired, but it did make me curious,” is how Mr Nikoloski described his first contact with TRANSLATION-PROBST Ltd.

The coupon for CHF 100 that Mr Nikoloski was referring to had been received by one of his work colleagues at the TRANSLATION-PROBST Ltd. booth at the 2012 Swiss Online Marketing (SOM) trade fair. When a text needed to be translated in Mr Nikoloski’s department months later, he remembered the golden coupon. Although the expiry date of the coupon was already past, Mr Nikoloski still decided to place his translation order with TRANSLATION-PROBST Ltd. And that has now paid off for him in two ways!

“It’s usually impossible to foresee exactly when we will need translations done in our company. When we do have to have legal documents edited or translated, however, we require impeccable quality and fast delivery times.” Finding TRANSLATION-PROBST Ltd., the first Swiss translation company with a quality guarantee, was a golden opportunity for Mr Nikoloski, because every text is proofread by a secondary professor/lecturer to ensure its accuracy, and if you are really in a rush, we can deliver your text within three hours.

Of course, he never expected to win a gold bullion coin when he filled in the customer survey. Mr Nikoloski had actually never won anything before in his life. “At least, not without having to do something challenging in exchange for it,” he laughed.

Mr Nikoloski will keep his gold bullion coin for now. However, if he becomes a godfather any time soon, he will already have the perfect gift for his godchild.

SuisseEMEX’12: Free tickets to Switzerland’s largest marketing trade fair

The latest information, tips and trends on the themes of marketing and communication! Do you want to find out how corporate language can increase your profits? Or how your company can have a top ranking on Google in foreign countries as well? If so, order your free SuisseEMEX ticket now and enter the fascinating world of marketing with all its many aspects! Attend the presentations by Roman Probst or drop by our fair booth (No. 310, Hall 4) and take the opportunity to engage in a profitable discussion with our team of experts.

Visitors to the leading marketing trade fair in Switzerland can expect the following highlights on the approximately 15,000 m2 of Messe Zürich:

  • Top keynote speakers and introductory presentations, including ones given by Roman Probst
  • Free mailing analyses by experts from the Swiss postal service
  • Themed parks with integrated forums and expert training sessions
  • Networking events and much more

Learn from our text professionals!

You will find TRANSLATION-PROBST Ltd. as an exhibitor at Booth 310 in Hall 4. Drop by and learn how you can gain new customers and increase your profits with accurate texts. You can also take advantage of the Google know-how of our booth partner, Worldsites, on topics such as profit potential analyses, Google analytics and AdWords campaigns.

Two presentations by Roman Probst

Don’t miss the two presentations by Roman Probst! This is your best chance to learn how to noticeably increase your profits by using the right texts.

Presentation 1: “How you as Head of Marketing can use storytelling and corporate language to increase recognition of your company” (SuisseEMEX, Hall 4, Unternehmer Bühne (Entrepreneur Stage) | 23.08.)

Roman Probst will provide you with pertinent information on how to develop and use your own individual corporate language.

Reserve a seat in the front row now!

Presentation 2: “From corporate language to top rankings with Google” (SuisseEMEX, Hall 4, Online Forum | 23.08.)

Roman Probst and Beat Z’graggen from Worldsites will explain how uniform terminology impresses customers and Google, so that your company will come at the top in searches in foreign countries, too.

Reserve a seat in the front row now!

You can find additional information about the planned presentations and fair highlights here.

Reserve your free ticket now!

Order your exclusive free ticket now for your visit to Suisse EMEX’12 using the coupon code: EX12700854

We look forward to seeing you soon at our fair booth and welcoming you to the presentations by Roman Probst!

TRANSLATION-PROBST Ltd. awarded the CTI label by the Swiss Confederation

After two and a half years of intensive work, the goal has been reached: TRANSLATION-PROBST Ltd. was awarded the coveted CTI label on 10 April 2012.

As the Swiss Confederation’s innovation promotion agency, CTI has supported innovative thinkers in starting up new companies since 1996. To date, 2,200 companies have made it into the CTI selection process, but only 10% of the submitted projects have succeeded in being awarded the label.

Since launching the project in 2009, TRANSLATION-PROBST Ltd. has cleared every hurdle successfully. These included assessments in the areas of technology, intellectual property, financial resources and a professional team. Finally, a presentation was given in Bern during which COO Noëmi Schöni and CEO Roman Probst together with coach Sandro Cornella used their partnership model to win over a 10-member CTI jury.

Partnership model: Benefit from offering translations and texts via networks

Thanks to its “partnership model”, TRANSLATION-PROBST Ltd. constantly reaches new customers via a network. The principle is simple: Partners place either a banner, a button or an advertisement from TRANSLATION-PROBST Ltd. on their website. When customers click on the banner or button, they are taken to the TRANSLATION-PROBST Ltd. price calculator. If they end up placing an order, the partner receives a commission as a reward. To create an incentive for new customers, the partner can give part or all of the commission to the customer. However, instead of just receiving a commission for the first order, the partner receives commissions for every successive order – even when customers order directly from TRANSLATION-PROBST Ltd. by email or telephone. With this incentive, we create a win-win situation for our partners and their customers, who in turn receive translations and texts with a quality guarantee at a reduced price.

Recommended by over 100 partners in Switzerland

TRANSLATION-PROBST Ltd. has been able to gain over 100 partners during the past two years, including

  • Networks such as KMU Swiss AG, Hotel & Gastro Union, Xing Zurich, myblueplanet
  • News portals such as NZZ Online, Schweizer Touristik, Travel Inside, persoenlich
  • Job portals such as Jobscout24,, publiconnect
  • Organisations such as Zurich Airport, Zürich Tourism
  • Exhibition organisations such as Messe Schweiz, SuisseEMEX, Exhibit & More
  • Associations such as Schweizer Werbung SW, ODEC, HR Swiss, Reisebüroverband, FH SCHWEIZ
  • Chambers of commerce in various countries such as USA and Canada

View more partners

Satisfied customers remain the greatest capital

Roman Probst founded his company exactly seven years ago with five thousand Swiss francs as start-up capital. Today, he has 15 employees and more than 300 translators, text professionals and interpreters in his network, providing translation and copywriting services for more than 2,000 companies.

TRANSLATION-PROBST Ltd. offers translations and texts with a quality guarantee and at the best price possible. With this principle, the company has grown an average of 40% annually over the past five years. Roman Probst commented: “This is a wonderful moment – thank you for this award. However, satisfied customers are and will always be the most important thing for me.”

Do you have an exciting online platform, an interesting company or an international network? Create added value for your customers and your organisation and become a partner now!

Presentation on corporate language and terminology

A picture is worth a thousand words – a good text is like a film.

What is the benefit of corporate language, where can terminology be used, and what is the difference between corporate language and corporate wording? SDL, the market leader for computer-aided translation, organised a best-practice conference for translation agencies in Basel on 16 March 2012. Roman Probst, CEO of TRANSLATION-PROBST Ltd., was invited by the organiser to give a presentation to the company managers of several Swiss translation agencies on the topic of the significance of terminology in the context of corporate language. After a general introduction to corporate language and terminology, Roman Probst elaborated on the importance of terminology work for translation agencies. He explained that corporate language starts with the core values of a company and is then narrowed down step by step to more individual applications and their corresponding rules.

The process is demanding but actually quite simple in principle. The core values are extracted from the company’s philosophy and given a certain tonality. A style is developed based on this tonality, and the stylistic elements are tools to bring the tonality into harmony with every aspect of the company – from its mission statement, headlines, telephone greetings, announcements, letters, brochures and e-mails to presentations, its internet and intranet presence, bill reminders and conversations about the company after work.

A well-planned corporate language strategy delivers a number of benefits for companies. A special product design as well as a standard communication style and the choice of words used by a company allow customers to identify with the company immediately. This is exemplified extremely well by the cult brand FREITAG, one of TRANSLATION-PROBST Ltd.’s regular clients. Uniform keywords also increase the conspicuousness of a company on Google or other search machines.

Some of the participants were amazed to discover that TRANSLATION-PROBST Ltd. offers its customers a free terminology service in order to ensure that their texts and translations display uniform use of specialised terms. Three employees in TRANSLATION-PROBST Ltd.’s Corporate Language Department oversee the creation and management of customer terminology. During the discussion following the presentation, Roman was able to describe the exact process of preparing and updating customer terminology.
You may already know that corporate language consists of all the internal and external oral and written communication exchanged within and on behalf of a company, but do you have any feedback or questions regarding Roman’s presentation, the Corporate Language Department in general, or terminology management at TRANSLATION-PROBST Ltd.? We would be pleased to provide more information. Please contact us by telephone on 0840 123456 or by e-mail at:

Roman Probst’s presentation: TRANSLATION-PROBST Ltd. as a best-practice example for terminology and corporate language

SDL, the world’s leading software company in the area of translation and terminology management, is coming to Basel on March 16 with a best-practice roadshow for translation agencies. This time the focus will be on sharing the importance of corporate language/terminology with Swiss translation services providers. In addition to this, the question of how terminology can be implemented practically will also be addressed.

TRANSLATION-PROBST Ltd. has made a name for itself by being the first and as of yet only translation company to offer a free terminology service to its core customers. Our reputation is such that our LSP partner, SDL, has invited Roman Probst, CEO of our company, to attend the roadshow as a best-practice speaker. On 16 March 2012, Roman Probst will give a presentation there on the topic of “The importance of terminology in the context of corporate language”. He will demonstrate how uniform and consistent terminology produces significant added value, and how the creation of terminology databases is handled at TRANSLATION-PROBST Ltd.

Terminology is a key component of corporate identity, which is strengthened immensely by the use of uniform terminology. Another benefit is the increased degree of recognition among customers that a company experiences thanks to consistent corporate language. This also helps a company differentiate itself from the competition. Furthermore, because the need for specialised translations and the number of target languages are continually growing, uniform terminology is indispensable and ultimately invaluable. To meet these demands, TRANSLATION-PROBST Ltd. offers a comprehensive terminology service – and it’s even free for our core customers.

Are you a translator or do you work in a translation agency? Register for the roadshow now.

Learn more  about terminology and corporate language here.