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Our terminology service – true added value for our customers!

February 5th, 2013

Goldvreneli-Gewinnerin TRANSLATION-PROBST AGA gold bullion coin is our way of saying thanks for your feedback. Our December winner, Ms. Jambresic, will certainly be pleased with her unexpected win, which is worth almost 200 Swiss francs thanks to the current high price of gold.

In a telephone interview, Ms. Jambresic told us that accurate terminology plays a key role in the technical translations her company, Hocoma AG, requires in the medical technology field. TRANSLATION-PROBST Ltd. offers its corporate customers a free terminology service in order to guarantee precise terminology. Ms. Jambresic took advantage of this offer, and  our CLT team created a terminology list for all the languages requested. This means that Hocoma AG now has a company-specific dictionary that will continue to be expanded with each additional translation job.

Uniform technology results in many benefits. The recognition value for a company increases, processing time and costs are reduced, misunderstandings are avoided, etc. Our terminology service is a win-win situation for everyone –  and you might even end up with a gold bullion coin, too!

Your feedback is worth its weight in gold!

December 28th, 2012

Outstanding results round off the year! In 2012, our customers were once again able to evaluate the work we did for them using a five-minute survey. This type of feedback is key for us in strengthening our quality assurance and optimising our services.

That’s why we were particularly pleased that in 2012, a total of 119 customers gave our services an outstanding average grade of 5.54 (out of 6)! However, your feedback is worth its weight in gold for more than just TRANSLATION-PROBST Ltd. Every month, we hold a draw for all survey participants and award the lucky winner with one of the famous Swiss gold bullion coins, a ‘Goldvreneli’, valued at around 200 Swiss francs.

You can read about the excited reactions of the 2012 winners to their unexpected golden reward here.

’Whoopee’ – A gold bullion coin turns into a Christmas dinner!

December 13th, 2012

Our November gold bullion coin goes to Ms Susanne Stefanoni from the non-profit organisation a:primo. When we contacted Ms Stefanoni to congratulate her on her win, a prompt e-mail reply was received containing the word ‘Whoopee’. Her win was a very welcome surprise for us.

In November, we were able to translate a parents’ brochure for a:primo into Albanian, Tamil, Russian, Turkish, English, Portuguese, Arabic, Spanish and Kurdish. For this particular job, Ms Stefanoni requested a target-group-oriented translation with an emphasis on clear formulations and easily comprehensible language. You can read about how satisfied Ms Stefanoni was with our translation services in our References section.

As she was filling out our customer survey, Ms Stefanoni already knew exactly what she would do with a gold bullion coin if she won: use it to host a Christmas dinner for her work colleagues! TRANSLATION-PROBST Ltd. wishes the a:primo team a wonderful time enjoying its win.

Gold bullion coin winner June 2012: A golden godfather gift

August 14th, 2012

The coupon may have already expired, but it did make me curious,” is how Mr Nikoloski described his first contact with TRANSLATION-PROBST Ltd.

The coupon for CHF 100 that Mr Nikoloski was referring to had been received by one of his work colleagues at the TRANSLATION-PROBST Ltd. booth at the 2012 Swiss Online Marketing (SOM) trade fair. When a text needed to be translated in Mr Nikoloski’s department months later, he remembered the golden coupon. Although the expiry date of the coupon was already past, Mr Nikoloski still decided to place his translation order with TRANSLATION-PROBST Ltd. And that has now paid off for him in two ways!

“It’s usually impossible to foresee exactly when we will need translations done in our company. When we do have to have legal documents edited or translated, however, we require impeccable quality and fast delivery times.” Finding TRANSLATION-PROBST Ltd., the first Swiss translation company with a quality guarantee, was a golden opportunity for Mr Nikoloski, because every text is proofread by a secondary professor/lecturer to ensure its accuracy, and if you are really in a rush, we can deliver your text within three hours.

Of course, he never expected to win a gold bullion coin when he filled in the customer survey. Mr Nikoloski had actually never won anything before in his life. “At least, not without having to do something challenging in exchange for it,” he laughed.

Mr Nikoloski will keep his gold bullion coin for now. However, if he becomes a godfather any time soon, he will already have the perfect gift for his godchild.

Who’s got gold fever?

January 31st, 2012

Participate in our customer survey and win gold! Once a month, TRANSLATION-PROBST Ltd. gives away a gold bullion coin to one of the participants in its customer survey – because accurate messages are worth their weight in gold. It really pays to order translations and texts from us!

Whoever uses the right texts to reach their target group will win customers and increase revenues. This is why we place such a high priority on quality.

In December, there was even more gold to be won. Our advent calendar had gold coins hidden behind two of the Professor Tell doors. We would like to warmly congratulate the lucky winners, Pascal Dulex from FREITAG and Verena Wittwer from Oetiker.