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How satisfied are our customers? The results of our customer survey have now been analysed:

January 14th, 2012

Raiffeisen, Adecco, Schindler, Zürich Tourism and 100 other corporate clients have evaluated the services of TRANSLATION-PROBST Ltd. Read on to find out why our translation service achieved an average rating of 5.15 out of 6 and which criteria were used to assess our translations, texts and other services.

In the survey, we asked our corporate customers how satisfied they were with the quality of our translations, texts and services. The participants evaluated content, accuracy, tone, terminology and style as well as target-group conformity and customer friendliness. Over a period of several months, the services of our translation company were evaluated using a rating system from 1 (very poor) to 6 (very good). TRANSLATION-PROBST Ltd. achieved an excellent average rating of 5.15 in the customer survey – which was especially gratifying, as whose feedback is more honest and valuable than that of the customer?

Quality and reliability

Figures alone are not enough, however. Because comments from our customers are also important, there was room for both rating of and comments on the services provided by our translation company. Most of the companies surveyed agree that we always convey the right tone. Some wish, nevertheless, that the translations would stay closer to the source text, while others would appreciate freer translations. In order to comply with these specific requests, we now provide you with the possibility of expressing your wishes regarding your translation by telephone or by completing the „Briefing form” in the case of online orders. This will allow us to ensure that the translation communicates precisely what you want and also that we convey the right tone and style to achieve maximum impact on your target group. Our customers are satisfied with more than just the quality of our services, however. According to our survey, our reliability is also rated particularly highly.

Additional areas that were surveyed included why companies turn to us to have their texts translated and how they hear about our translation services. The feedback revealed two trends. The majority of our customers chose our translation company as the result of recommendations from existing customers, while others heard about our translation services at SuisseEMEX or the Swiss Online Marketing trade fair in Zurich.

Are you also looking for the right translation partner?

If so, choose TRANSLATION-PROBST Ltd., and we will show you how accurate translations and texts are worth their weight in gold. We offer you translations and texts with a quality guarantee, as well as a terminology service and express delivery on request. With TRANSLATION-PROBST Ltd. as your translation partner, your message is guaranteed to hit home with your target audience. Test our service now – you will receive your price quote in just 20 seconds at:

On your marks, get set, go!

January 3rd, 2012
Usain Bolt

Usain Bolt

Well, 2012 has arrived. Have you made any New Year’s resolutions? Would you like to increase your revenue? In order to attract new customers, you need persuasive texts and accurate translations.

Thanks to our stringent quality standards, we only work with the best translators, proofreaders and copywriters. Do you want to start 2012 on the right foot and hit the ground running? If so, then TRANSLATION-PROBST Ltd. is the right partner for you!

The team at TRANSLATION-PROBST Ltd. is waiting and ready in the starting blocks to provide you with precisely formulated translations and texts that will propel you into a successful new year.

Get off to a flying start now and increase your net sales so that you can win gold in 2012. During the month of January, you can also take advantage of our 10% rebate special on all orders placed directly through our online price calculator.

Backing a real winner – #EMEX11 on the road to success

July 6th, 2011
TRANSLATION-PROBST plc is the translation partner for SuisseEMEX.

TRANSLATION-PROBST Ltd. is the translation partner for SuisseEMEX.

SuisseEMEX – the leading Swiss business-to-business trade fair in the marketing, communication and event branch – is already well booked. There are only a few free spaces left in the exhibition halls. The exhibitors at SuisseEMEX have obviously placed their bets on the winning entry.

Approximately 100 guests attended yesterday’s SuisseEMEX Business Event at the Tolba Factory in Rümlang – including exhibitors, partners, members of the media and those interested in SuisseEMEX’11, which takes place from 23 to 25 August.

Ewa Ming provided top news, highlights and the most important info about SuisseEMEX’11. This included, for example:

Ewa Ming

Ewa Ming

– Top keynote speakers at the Marketing Forum (special invitation required)

– Exciting workshops and interest-guided tours

– New: campus talks in the Online Forum

– For early birds: free entry until 10:00 am, including coffee & croissant

– Hosted buyer programme for seminar & event planners (VIP programme)

– Various new topics such as UX design, LiveCom, publishing, social media, Facebook in B2B

Two presentations

Two presentations also added more depth to the event. Andreas Lang from Swiss Post showed how direct marketing is a key supplement to online marketing and achieves success particularly when a direct mailing campaign appeals to as many senses as possible. Matthias Vettiger from Blogwerk AG explained to the audience the role social media plays in B2B and maintained that a strong website provides the basis for all social media activities.

Would you like to visit SuisseEMEX?

Order your free ticket now for SuisseEMEX’11 (with our ticket code: EX4839378A).

Are you trying to decide which days would be most worthwhile for your visit to SuisseEMEX? The following daily focal points should help:

– 23 August: Entrepreneur’s Day

– 24 August: XING Networking Day

– 25 August: Google Experience Day

Learn more about SuisseEMEX!

Do you want to learn the secrets behind gaining customers and increasing turnover through online marketing? If so, then set aside an hour on 25.08.2011 for the presentation by Beat Z’graggen and Roman Probst and attend the Online Forum.

Speaking of backing a winner

Make sure you also back a winner when it comes to top-quality translations and texts. TRANSLATION-PROBST Ltd. is the translation partner for SuisseEMEX – and provides a quality guarantee as well. Every single word has to be just right in marketing and advertising translations and texts so that your message strikes a chord with your target group. You can learn more about our partnership with SuisseEMEX at:

Photos and images from the Business Event can be viewed on the Suisse EMEX website.

Standardised communication – the importance of Corporate Language

March 29th, 2011

What is the difference between twittering, tweeting and chirping? None at all. Read here about why it is disadvantageous for a company to use different terms to describe the same concept, and how TRANSLATION-PROBST Ltd. can help you for free!


Every company has its “own language” that develops over time. It shapes company image and recognition, builds confidence among the target group and increases positioning in search engines. Constructing a standardised terminology in all languages is critical in marketing texts, but it also pays off for SMEs, the backbone of the Swiss economy. Keep your Corporate Language under control with TRANSLATION-PROBST Ltd.’s free terminology management service and shine with consistent texts and translations.

Read the reports about Corporate Language and TRANSLATION-PROBST Ltd.’s terminology service in the magazines “Marketing & Kommunikation” and “KMU-Magazin” as well as the interview on SuisseEMEX‘s online platform.

Texts that touch the heart

February 8th, 2011

Do you want to win the hearts of your customers? Whether with a thank you letter or an advertising text, with TRANSLATION-PROBST Ltd.’s texts and translations you’ll touch the heart of your target audience! Your sales will soar- whether before or after Valentine’s Day.

Your level of success in selling your product depends on your texts. But content is only half the battle. The key to more sales lies in how it’s written. The images you create in the mind of the customer with your texts and the emotions that are triggered are what give you success. It’s just like love- music only plays when you say “I love you” with conviction and a heartfelt look in your eyes. But how do images and emotions reach your target audience in another country? They only reach the heart if the translation of your text takes into account the specifics of the language and the preferences of your target group in each country.

So for your message to have its full effect, you have to ask yourself whether your writing is convincing enough. For example, on your website. Our translators are specialised in adapting texts to the target group in the desired language.

Do you want potential customers to find you on Google? Then you must:

– Know which your potential customers search for

– Consistently use these words on your website

TRANSLATION-PROBST Ltd. is the first and only translation company with a free terminology service. We collect keywords that your customers search for, and ensure that they are consistent across all languages. This is a tool for success – because your customers are guaranteed to find you.

But being found is only one side of the coin. The second question is: Do your website visitors become customers? Of course, you assume that your text is understood by potential customers. But it is written in a way that will get your message across and win the heart of your customers? TRANSLATION-PROBST Ltd. is Switzerland’s first online translation company with a quality guarantee. So that your translation has the desired effect on your target group, it goes through a tried and tested quality assurance process. Our certified professional translators are experts in various fields and industries and translate into 30 languages. They follow your communication objectives and take into account the preferences of your target group in every country.

Need a translation company? A marketing translator? An advertising translator? Search on Google! TRANSLATION-PROBST Ltd. has been in the top ranks of Google search results for many months – thanks to our partnership with Worldsites. We know what’s important, and we know what we’re talking and writing about. Read the Best Case article from the journal Marketing+Communication.