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Roman Probst’s presentation: TRANSLATION-PROBST Ltd. as a best-practice example for terminology and corporate language

February 28th, 2012

SDL, the world’s leading software company in the area of translation and terminology management, is coming to Basel on March 16 with a best-practice roadshow for translation agencies. This time the focus will be on sharing the importance of corporate language/terminology with Swiss translation services providers. In addition to this, the question of how terminology can be implemented practically will also be addressed.

TRANSLATION-PROBST Ltd. has made a name for itself by being the first and as of yet only translation company to offer a free terminology service to its core customers. Our reputation is such that our LSP partner, SDL, has invited Roman Probst, CEO of our company, to attend the roadshow as a best-practice speaker. On 16 March 2012, Roman Probst will give a presentation there on the topic of “The importance of terminology in the context of corporate language”. He will demonstrate how uniform and consistent terminology produces significant added value, and how the creation of terminology databases is handled at TRANSLATION-PROBST Ltd.

Terminology is a key component of corporate identity, which is strengthened immensely by the use of uniform terminology. Another benefit is the increased degree of recognition among customers that a company experiences thanks to consistent corporate language. This also helps a company differentiate itself from the competition. Furthermore, because the need for specialised translations and the number of target languages are continually growing, uniform terminology is indispensable and ultimately invaluable. To meet these demands, TRANSLATION-PROBST Ltd. offers a comprehensive terminology service – and it’s even free for our core customers.

Are you a translator or do you work in a translation agency? Register for the roadshow now.

Learn more  about terminology and corporate language here.

Roman Probst featured speaker at 7th “Award CC” prize ceremony

September 23rd, 2011

Award Corporate Communications, the jury awarded a “Communicator” to the most innovative campaigns. Before the ceremony took place, Roman Probst spoke about the role of social media in corporate communications together with Dr. Guido Keel, lecturer and media scientist, and Google expert Beat Z’graggen.

The winners of this year’s Award CC were the vocational training association “login Berufsbildung” and the Zurich agency “Jung von Matt/Limmat Public Relations” with their respective campaigns “Login macht Erfolgsstorys möglich” and “Tecmania – steig ein in die Welt der Technik”. In addition to the Award CC, a category prize for social media campaigns was also awarded for the first time in Switzerland. After an intense voting period with more than 8,400 people participating via Facebook, the deal provider “” took top honours. TRANSLATION-PROBST Ltd. came in 8th with its Professor Tell campaign and even beat out the campaigns from Calida, Gillette and Mammut.

The time between the prize ceremonies was highlighted by a wide variety of exciting presentations. Hanning Kempe, CEO of the competition’s sponsor, Grayling Switzerland, addressed the very relevant topic of currency exchange rates with his presentation entitled “Communication in the tense setting of the euro crisis”. Prior to this, Roman Probst, CEO of TRANSLATION-PROBST Ltd., spoke about the role of social media in corporate communications together with Dr. Guido Keel, lecturer and media scientist at the Zurich University of Applied Sciences, and Google expert Beat Z’graggen. Guido Keel made the statement that “only when the target audience recognises the added value of a social media application is value created for the company as well”. Beat Z’graggen and Roman Probst went on to explain what this recognition signifies in a practical sense.

Did you miss the presentation by Roman Probst or would you like to watch it again at your leisure?

You can download the PDF about the role of social media in Corporate Communications here (50MB).

“No-Advertising Day”

May 11th, 2011
Jacques Séguéla trifft TRANSLATION-PROBST

Jacques Séguéla

What would the world be like without advertising? If anybody can answer this question, it‘s Jacques Séguéla. Séguéla is the former PR-adviser to François Mitterrand and owner of HAVAS, one of the world’s most successful advertising agencies. His presentation – 50 Years of Advertising Experience, Innovation and Life Energy in an Hour – is inspirational. His experiences are impressive, his statements wise and his explanations easy to understand. Without advertising there would be no media independence, and without media independence there would be no democracy, according to Séguéla. The advertiser Frank Bodin held Jacques Séguéla up as a role model –and rightly so. Séguéla’s presentation alone was worth the trip to Lugano.

Roman Probst am Tag der Nicht-Werbung


Restrictions or bans on advertising rarely make sense. At Swiss Advertising SW/PS’ 86th General Meeting on 6th May, advertising and advertising bans were discussed. Because the topic covers advertisers, politicians and journalists, this General Meeting was named “No-Advertising Day.”

After the introductory speech by Jacques Séguéla, well-known politicians, journalists and media professionals spoke about and discussed “A World without Advertising?“ under the leadership of National Council member Filippo Leutenegger:

  • Roger Brennwald, president of Swiss Indoors Basel: “Sport without Advertising”
  • Roger de Weck, CEO SRG: “Electronic Media without Advertising?”
  • Hanspeter Lebrument, president of Swiss Media: “Print Media without Advertising?”
  • Natalie Rickli, National Council member: “Politics without Advertising?”
  • Michael Gibbert, Professor of Marketing at the USI (University of Lugano): “Economics without Advertising?”

Congratulations and many thanks for a successful event to Filippo Lombardi (National Council member and president of Swiss Advertising), Ursula Gamper (SW CEO) and Urs Schnider (SW Communications Officer).

University presentation

December 15th, 2009

As a businessman and a university graduate, I enjoy motivating students to go into business for themselves. At universities and at other events, I often have the chance to talk to students about my experiences and the process of turning an idea into a company.

Best wishes from the classroom,

Roman Probst.

University presentation

May 9th, 2009

Probst hält Referat an Fachhochschule The Institute for Translators and Interpreters (IUED) is part of the Department of Applied Linguistics at the Zürich University of Applied Sciences in Winterthur. Students of the Translation Bachelor Programme specialising in Multilingual Communication are studying the economic toolkit needed to manage or start a company, as part of their Basic Entrepreneurial Skills module. I will be giving a presentation on the subject on 9th May 2009 at the University of Applied Sciences in Winterthur.

Best wishes from the stage,

Roman Probst