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Winner of August’s gold coin has been fan of TRANSLATION-PROBST Ltd. for five years

September 7th, 2011
Thomas Lengenfelder
Thomas Lengenfelder

While on a trekking holiday, Thomas Lengenfelder was surprised to hear of his golden win. „I’m overjoyed to have won the August gold coin from Professor Tell,” said Lengenfelder. He became acquainted with TRANSLATION-PROBST Ltd. five years ago at EMEX. At that time, Professor Tell had not yet appeared on the scene. „However, when the character was created last year, Roman Probst convinced me to become a  Facebook fan of Professor Tell,” the purchasing and office manager explained.

Lengenfelder was unable to attend EMEX’11 due to illness, but he had already met Professor Tell a year earlier at his EMEX premiere. „Professor Tell made such a positive impression on visitors that you couldn’t pass by without stopping,” Lengenfelder laughed. “And as a reliable and unerring marksman, Professor Tell is the perfect ambassador for the texts and translations from TRANSLAION-PROBST Ltd.”

The ecstatic winner already knows what he will do with his gold coin. „It’s going straight into the safe. With gold prices on the rise, this coin is going to appreciate a lot.”

Professor Tell will be giving out another gold coin in September. Become a fan of his on Facebook for your chance to win!

Half way around the world in 5 years

January 3rd, 2011

Just in time for the New Year, TRANSLATION-PROBST Ltd. has completed its 20,000th order. If each individual order was seen as covering a distance of one kilometre, 20,000 orders would amount to a distance of 20,000 kilometres. We’ve come a long way. If we spin out this idea, TRANSLATION-PROBST Ltd. could be said to have travelled half way around the world since it was established in April 2005.

Thank you for your trust, dear business customers. We appreciate your entrusting your translations and texts to us. You can continue to rely on our translations and texts being accurate and right on target for your target group – with a quality guarantee and at the best price.

Your texts – Marco Moser

October 22nd, 2009
Marco Moser

Marco Moser

Marco Moser translates your press releases, advertorials and company profiles into German.

Moser studied journalism and organisational communication at Winterthur University and has been a journalist for many years. He also works as deputy editor of a trade magazine, and used to be a radio reporter and local newspaper editor.