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How satisfied are our customers? The results of our customer survey have now been analysed:

January 14th, 2012

Raiffeisen, Adecco, Schindler, Zürich Tourism and 100 other corporate clients have evaluated the services of TRANSLATION-PROBST Ltd. Read on to find out why our translation service achieved an average rating of 5.15 out of 6 and which criteria were used to assess our translations, texts and other services.

In the survey, we asked our corporate customers how satisfied they were with the quality of our translations, texts and services. The participants evaluated content, accuracy, tone, terminology and style as well as target-group conformity and customer friendliness. Over a period of several months, the services of our translation company were evaluated using a rating system from 1 (very poor) to 6 (very good). TRANSLATION-PROBST Ltd. achieved an excellent average rating of 5.15 in the customer survey – which was especially gratifying, as whose feedback is more honest and valuable than that of the customer?

Quality and reliability

Figures alone are not enough, however. Because comments from our customers are also important, there was room for both rating of and comments on the services provided by our translation company. Most of the companies surveyed agree that we always convey the right tone. Some wish, nevertheless, that the translations would stay closer to the source text, while others would appreciate freer translations. In order to comply with these specific requests, we now provide you with the possibility of expressing your wishes regarding your translation by telephone or by completing the „Briefing form” in the case of online orders. This will allow us to ensure that the translation communicates precisely what you want and also that we convey the right tone and style to achieve maximum impact on your target group. Our customers are satisfied with more than just the quality of our services, however. According to our survey, our reliability is also rated particularly highly.

Additional areas that were surveyed included why companies turn to us to have their texts translated and how they hear about our translation services. The feedback revealed two trends. The majority of our customers chose our translation company as the result of recommendations from existing customers, while others heard about our translation services at SuisseEMEX or the Swiss Online Marketing trade fair in Zurich.

Are you also looking for the right translation partner?

If so, choose TRANSLATION-PROBST Ltd., and we will show you how accurate translations and texts are worth their weight in gold. We offer you translations and texts with a quality guarantee, as well as a terminology service and express delivery on request. With TRANSLATION-PROBST Ltd. as your translation partner, your message is guaranteed to hit home with your target audience. Test our service now – you will receive your price quote in just 20 seconds at:

Embarrassing mistake in Düsseldorf city guide for the Eurovision Song Contest

April 29th, 2011

In the blog post Get the better of sneaky errors in your texts – thanks to our “ready-to-print” service we asked you for your own experiences about mistakes that were discovered too late or just in time. We received the following story about reports in several media sources:

Peinlicher Fehler im Düsseldorfer Stadtführer zum Eurovision Song ContestAs Düsseldorf is the host city of this years‘Eurovision Song Contest (ESC), Düsseldorf Marketing & Tourismus GmbH produced an exclusive city guide. Over 100 pages, visitors can find information about the music competition as well as gastronomy, nightlife, culture, shopping, attractions and events in the area.

Error with implications: “Gay’s Day of Action” instead of “Schools‘ Day of Action”

Instead of the phrase “Aktionstag der Schulen (schools‘),” the misprint “Aktionstag der Schwulen (gay’s),” slipped into the German version of the brochure, and was subsequently translated into English as “Gay’s Day of Action.” Embarrassing, as it should actually have read “Schools’ Day of Action”. The mistake had to be covered with a sticker in 65,000 copies of the German brochure and 35,000 copies of the English version. On the front cover, readers were greeted with “Wielcome to Düsseldorf.” As there was no time for the brochures to be reprinted, the superfluous “i” had to be painted over 35,000 times.

It might have been an amusing mistake, but it probably led to additional costs as well as unnecessary stress. Such errors can hurt personal, religious or ethical feelings and can have communicative, economic or legal consequences. This is why we offer our customers a free terminology service as well as a free “ready-to-print” service.

Control terminology and sneaky errors with TRANSLATION-PROBST Ltd.

Our terminology service gathers important concepts and specialist terms and ensures their consistent use in all languages. With our “ready-to-print” service we check all documents that have been translated by us before completion to ensure that translations have been implemented correctly and that no errors have slipped in.

Avoid communication breakdowns with TRANSLATION-PROBST Ltd.’s quality guarantee.

Get the better of sneaky errors in your texts – thanks to our “ready-to-print” service

April 7th, 2011

Kostenloser «Gut-zum-Druck»-Service von TRANSLATION-PROBST

With our free “ready-to-print” service we prove that our quality guarantee is not an empty promise

In hectic daily life, there are many situations into which mistakes can sneak. Whether it is carelessness in the implementation of a text, a last-minute change to layout or typography, updating a website at the eleventh hour or re-editing a film – in all of these situations, translations must be adapted. In addition, other rules apply when it comes to foreign languages, for example with regards to punctuation, separation of words or line breaks. It is impossible for you or your service provider to know about all of these rules, and so a nasty error can sneak in to your text. If spotted early, these mistakes are annoying, but are not normally a problem.

If spotted too late, such mistakes are more than just annoying. The consequences are often costly, and in the worst case can damage a reputation.

Free “ready-to-print” service: additional security, less stress

Whether it’s an annual report, brochure, press release, product information, website, newsletter or video, with our “ready-to-print” service we can (upon request) check any documents that we have translated before completion. This will ensure that translations have been implemented correctly, separations and line breaks match, that punctuation is correct and that no other errors have occurred. This service offers you extra security and makes your everyday life a bit easier. And the best part: it’s free.

Next time, send us your documents before they are published or go to print. We will check them for free to make sure that they really are “ready-to-print.

What is the free “ready-to-print” service for?

This popular service is needed in all areas: print, digital and online.

  • Print: for brochures, flyers and posters
  • Digital: for videos, films etc
  • Online: for websites, newsletters and e-papers

Have you experienced this?

Have you experienced errors that have been found too late or just in time? Share your story with us.

Treat your customers like kings

January 6th, 2011

Do you intend to sell more successfully this year? That’s a good resolution! Optimise your texts and eliminate the linguistic errors in your communication. Choose the right service for this purpose:

– Editing: optimising your texts
Is your customer king? Make sure he feels that way by speaking his language. Our qualified communication professionals optimise your texts in terms of style and content and tailor them to your target group. Your texts are then checked by our expert proofreaders – this service is included in the price. Request a quote for editing now!

– Proofreading: ensuring that your texts are free from errors
Did you know that the deadline for the transition from the old to the new German spelling standard in Switzerland has already passed and was on on 31 July 2009 and that the old spellings are now definitely wrong? Have your texts proofread by our expert proofreaders for correct spelling and grammatical accuracy – the price of double checking by an expert proofreader is included.  Languages include German, French, and 30 other languages. Request a quote for proofreading now!

Follow the example of the three kings – take immediate action: it takes just a few clicks to upload your websites, brochures, flyers, press releases, letters, or emails for proofreading. Receive a quote for your document in 20 seconds – act now and calculate the price!

Who proofreads our German texts?

September 7th, 2009
Heinz Hug, Korrektor Deutsch bei TRANSLATION-PROBST

Heinz Hug

I started correcting and editing texts for TRANSLATION-PROBST whilst I was working as a German language and cultural history teacher at the Zürich University of Applied Sciences. But now I am retired and have plenty of time to do this interesting work. I still work with language, but not with theories and models like I did when I was a lecturer. Now I work with language in practical terms – with different texts about different subjects. Sometimes I’m amazed at how different our work at the university was from what I do now, but this conflict between theory and practice will probably always be there.

I see real people in front of me when I’m correcting and editing texts – those who have written them and those who will read them. To some extent I know what they are looking for: texts need to be accurate and understandable, and they need to have an effect on the reader. Of course my knowledge gained from teaching linguistics helps me – for example I can use my understanding of functional and pragmatic styles- but I am more concerned with the way in which language is used.

I have always worked intensively with literature, and I still do. You may think that I have to put this aspect of language to one side in my work as a proofreader / editor, but that is not the case. Even correcting and editing factual texts has an element of creativity to it. I play with the different ways of expressing something and I pay attention to the sound of the language. Obviously in this respect I have more freedom when I write my own texts- I am more conservative as a proofreader / editor. I don’t like the superficial language that you read everywhere these days which isn’t made of proper sentences. Vitality, clarity and intelligibility can also be achieved by using language that is commonly understood and which retains the basic elements of German.

Kind regards

Heinz Hug