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Half way around the world in 5 years

January 3rd, 2011

Just in time for the New Year, TRANSLATION-PROBST Ltd. has completed its 20,000th order. If each individual order was seen as covering a distance of one kilometre, 20,000 orders would amount to a distance of 20,000 kilometres. We’ve come a long way. If we spin out this idea, TRANSLATION-PROBST Ltd. could be said to have travelled half way around the world since it was established in April 2005.

Thank you for your trust, dear business customers. We appreciate your entrusting your translations and texts to us. You can continue to rely on our translations and texts being accurate and right on target for your target group – with a quality guarantee and at the best price.

A good flight after the good work!

November 10th, 2010

Five years after its founding, in October 2010 TRANSLATION-PROBST Ltd. achieved the best turnover in the history of the company.

Well, don’t you think this deserves a reward? By way of thanks our project management team, who are happy to advise our customers and partners every day and also on weekends, are being given the chance to take a ride in a helicopter.

Have a look at the video and you can also feel yourself whisked up to the heights over Lake Constance.

5th anniversary celebrations

September 7th, 2010

TRANSLATION-PROBST is popping the corks in Winterthur!

For the last 5 years the name TRANSLATION-PROBST Ltd. has stood for accurate translations and texts. The company celebrated its 5th anniversary was last Friday. Around 60 guests- customers, partners and friends of TRANSLATION-PROBST Ltd. enjoyed specialities from all the countries whose languages we translate. Of course, the legendary Professor Tell was at the party too. In the foyer of the old Volkarthaus in Winterthur, guests had a go at shooting a crossbow to see if they hit the bullseye, like our texts do..


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Look no further for accurate translations and texts

September 6th, 2010
Gesucht und gefunden – Professor Tell

Gesucht und gefunden – Professor Tell

Hit the target at last  for your audience

TRANSLATION-PROBST Ltd.’s specialist translators not only know all of your technical terminology through years of experience and training, they also understand the socio-cultural landscape of your translation’s target country. Furthermore, every translation we do is checked by one of our 30 professorial colleagues to make sure it is completely error-free.

I stand for this guarantee of quality, as I always hit the target with my crossbow, just like my translators and colleagues at TRANSLATION-PROBST Ltd. always do with their translations.

Because I stand for top quality, I have been sought after for a long time. TRANSLATION-PROBST Ltd. found me.

I believe in this translation agency!

Your Professor Tell

Professor Tell: eloquent and good with words

August 18th, 2010

A translator has a lot in common with Swiss national hero William Tell. When it comes to words and arrows, just one hit on target is enough. But in translation you don’t hit the target just by translating the meaning of words. Social context, intonation and the target audience must also be considered. So that mistakes don’t creep in, TRANSLATION-PROBST with over 30 professors who check each text and translation. Professor Tell, eloquent and accurate, stands for this level of quality.

Win language prizes

Professor Tell wants everyone in Switzerland to be better linguists, and so he has organised an on-line shooting competition. He’s awarding prizes from the world of languages for the best shots. Prizes like: a two week language study trip to Australia, a Google consultation and translations.  You can take part in the competition if you’re a fan of Professor Tell on Facebook. Professor Tell’s friends are always kept up-to-date with the latest news from the world of languages.

Professor Tell is not an on-line character. Visitors to SuisseEMEX – the marketing, events and promotions trade fair held in Zürich from 24-26 August 2010 – met Tell in person at TRANSLATION-PROBST Ltd.’s stand. He let visitors shoot his crossbow and the best shots won vouchers for TRANSLATION-PROBST Ltd. translations.

Come and have a go!