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What would Christmas be without apples?

December 9th, 2014

Wrapped up warm in jackets, scarves, woollen hats and mittens, people stroll through the streets enjoying the Christmas lights that decorate the houses and shops. Back at home, they treat themselves to sweet mandarin oranges with Christmas punch, and the aroma of cinnamon, cloves and mulled wine fills many houses. It is not hard to tell that we are in the midst of the Yuletide season. Did you know that apples are also a symbol of Christmas?

Green, yellow or red and available all year round in Switzerland, apples represent love, beauty, fertility, temptation and sin. Even Adam and Eve could not resist the shiny red fruit and paid for it by losing their place in paradise. Snow White was also bewitched by an apple and dropped dead after the first bite.

Apples – the original Christmas tree ornamentCloseup on apple in chocolate glaze on plate

There is more to apples than just murder and death, however. They contain numerous vitamins, minerals, trace elements, fruit acids and easily digestible carbohydrates and are thus ideal for keeping you healthy during the cold winter. For this reason and because they can be stored for very long periods, apples were a very important food in northern Europe in the past and were hung on Christmas trees as ornaments. Later, apples were given silver and gold coatings, which is why they are considered the predecessor of the ball-shaped Christmas tree ornaments, manufactured in 1830 for the first time. Although the ornaments were only available to wealthy families initially, in time the tradition was adopted by ordinary people as well. Shiny, coloured ball ornaments still decorate Christmas trees around the world today.

Not just a Christmas treat

Apples have played a role throughout history, in fact. The story of William Tell, for example, includes the hero shooting an arrow from his crossbow into the heart of an apple sitting on his son’s head. Accuracy was vital for this task, since a miss would have had fatal consequences. TRANSLATION-PROBST Ltd. is also a great fan of accuracy. With our top-quality translations, we hit the bull’s-eye when it comes to your target group.

So, if you find yourself sitting beside a Christmas tree decorated with apples this year, you will now know how they got there. TRANSLATION-PROBST Ltd. wishes you a golden-delicious Christmas and an accurate New Year.