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“No-Advertising Day”

May 11th, 2011
Jacques Séguéla trifft TRANSLATION-PROBST

Jacques Séguéla

What would the world be like without advertising? If anybody can answer this question, it‘s Jacques Séguéla. Séguéla is the former PR-adviser to François Mitterrand and owner of HAVAS, one of the world’s most successful advertising agencies. His presentation – 50 Years of Advertising Experience, Innovation and Life Energy in an Hour – is inspirational. His experiences are impressive, his statements wise and his explanations easy to understand. Without advertising there would be no media independence, and without media independence there would be no democracy, according to Séguéla. The advertiser Frank Bodin held Jacques Séguéla up as a role model –and rightly so. Séguéla’s presentation alone was worth the trip to Lugano.

Roman Probst am Tag der Nicht-Werbung


Restrictions or bans on advertising rarely make sense. At Swiss Advertising SW/PS’ 86th General Meeting on 6th May, advertising and advertising bans were discussed. Because the topic covers advertisers, politicians and journalists, this General Meeting was named “No-Advertising Day.”

After the introductory speech by Jacques Séguéla, well-known politicians, journalists and media professionals spoke about and discussed “A World without Advertising?“ under the leadership of National Council member Filippo Leutenegger:

  • Roger Brennwald, president of Swiss Indoors Basel: “Sport without Advertising”
  • Roger de Weck, CEO SRG: “Electronic Media without Advertising?”
  • Hanspeter Lebrument, president of Swiss Media: “Print Media without Advertising?”
  • Natalie Rickli, National Council member: “Politics without Advertising?”
  • Michael Gibbert, Professor of Marketing at the USI (University of Lugano): “Economics without Advertising?”

Congratulations and many thanks for a successful event to Filippo Lombardi (National Council member and president of Swiss Advertising), Ursula Gamper (SW CEO) and Urs Schnider (SW Communications Officer).

Professor Tell – the gold standard!

April 28th, 2011

Shoot the crossbow with Professor Tell

Our Professor Tell is a true original. And he always hits the target! With a sharp eye, he aims at his target and shoots with a steady hand. His accuracy with the crossbow is legendary – he is a top-quality marksman. That is why he carries the title of “Professor” and is the symbol of TRANSLATION-PROBST Ltd.’s quality guarantee.

So that you hit the target with your target audience, your translations and texts are always proofread by a professor after being translated by a native-speaking specialist translator. This ensures that you receive quality translations that fit the technical and social context and that are consistent with your Corporate Language. All at the best price.

Entrust your translations and texts to us – because accurate translations and texts are worth their weight in gold. And as you know, you can’t go wrong with gold!

Professor Tell is giving away gold

Because accurate translations and texts are worth their weight in gold, Professor Tell is giving away a Swiss gold bullion coin every month. The first will be given away today, Friday 29th April.

Become a fan now and win gold

Would you like to win a Swiss gold bullion coin? Then visit Professor Tell’s Facebook page now and become a fan. Or have a go at the online crossbow competition! Tell gives away a Swiss gold bullion coin every month to one participating fan.

Standardised communication – the importance of Corporate Language

March 29th, 2011

What is the difference between twittering, tweeting and chirping? None at all. Read here about why it is disadvantageous for a company to use different terms to describe the same concept, and how TRANSLATION-PROBST Ltd. can help you for free!


Every company has its “own language” that develops over time. It shapes company image and recognition, builds confidence among the target group and increases positioning in search engines. Constructing a standardised terminology in all languages is critical in marketing texts, but it also pays off for SMEs, the backbone of the Swiss economy. Keep your Corporate Language under control with TRANSLATION-PROBST Ltd.’s free terminology management service and shine with consistent texts and translations.

Read the reports about Corporate Language and TRANSLATION-PROBST Ltd.’s terminology service in the magazines “Marketing & Kommunikation” and “KMU-Magazin” as well as the interview on SuisseEMEX‘s online platform.

Swiss Online Marketing fair 2011

March 25th, 2011

Next Wednesday the Swiss Online Marketing fair starts in Zürich. In presentations you will have the chance to find out how your company can achieve a sustainable and measurable increase in sales.

As an exhibitor, we have a limited number of tickets for the Swiss Online Marketing fair and the presentations there. We look forward to seeing you at our stand where you can benefit from a free consultation from our experts, and where you can also find out how your company can profit from a partnership. It’s thanks to partnerships that we have got into the final of the Tourismpool Innovation Forum.

To register, just write a comment on this blog post or send us an email. We will then send you the relevant tickets.

How businesses find the right words…

June 30th, 2010

What constitutes a professional translation?  What sort of translation helps you to sell more? Find out by reading our blog posts and the SuisseEMEX expert interview with Roman Probst.

A picture apparently says more than a thousand words. But good pictures are rare. When I look at a picture, it tells me a story. But for me to share it, to be able to understand and assess it, I need to connect with people, and I do this by speaking or by writing. Language is needed for that, and that’s where TRANSLATION-PROBST comes in.

Roman Probst

Roman Probst

Avoid using dictionaries or automatic on-line translation packages to translate sentences into a foreign language. Because words can be ambiguous, phrases are not normally easy to translate into another language. Translation software can be helpful, but it doesn’t come close to what a human translator can do – it lacks common sense and the understanding of the message of a text.

For a business it can be very costly for an advertising campaign in a foreign country to be misunderstood or even offensive to potential customers.

What constitutes a professional translation?

Many of our 300+ translators live in their home countries. They only translate into their mother tongue – the language they’ve known since childhood, that they use every day and in whose environment they live. As a result they understand the socio-cultural context of the translation’s target audience. They are specialists in their field, and are updated daily on the latest developments. We are particularly proud of our quality assurance, as every text is proofread by a professor.

So that’s what constitutes a professional translation: a transfer in meaning of your original text that is precisely tailored to your target audience. That way you are guaranteed to get your message across!